Crochet Blanket Patterns – Where To Find Them And How To Make Them

Are you looking for crochet blanket patterns? If you are just learning crochet, then you came to the right place. There is a lot you need to know if you’re a beginner so that you can make a really nice blanket that you can be proud of. You will be able to make a blanket that you and your family can love and cherish for years to come. If this is your first project you are going to want it to be something simple but at the same time something really beautiful too.

You can search the internet for patterns as there are literally thousands out there that you can print off for free. Just search for patterns that look like you would be able to do easy enough and for photos of the finished project. I love looking at all the photos of crochet blanket patterns. I do this first to see what I would love to have around my own home and then see if I can accomplish the crochet blanket patterns. If you see more than one that you like, print off as many as you like so that you can refer to them later for more great ideas.

Some people like to take their yarn and roll them all into balls. This can make it easier to use as I have been in a predicament where my yarn gets all knotted up inside the skein of yarn and I have to take time and try to figure out how to unknot the mess. It’s up to you if you want to roll all your yarn into balls. I know if you have cats they would love it if you would.

Then, every day spend some time working on the crochet blanket patterns. Sometimes it can take a month or so to finish a blanket. It just depends on the type of stitches you are using, the size of the hook you use and how big you are making your blanket. Sometimes you can finish the blanket in a lot less time than that. I like to work on all my crochet blanket patterns in the evening while I am relaxing and watching TV.

These crochet blanket patterns make wonderful gifts. I’m sure you know of a lot of people that would just love to receive a handmade blanket as a gift. I know a lot of people that use crochet blanket patterns to make blankets for those who are homeless. They spend all year making them and then in the winter they hand them out to those who are cold and don’t have a home to use to keep warm.

You can also find patterns for making blankets for preemie babies for those whose moms don’t have much money. These are fun to make I think because you are imagining the newborn being wrapped up in it. You can find organizations like this on the internet and they may even have their own crochet blanket patterns for you to follow. The one I know about is called The Preemie Project and I think it would be wonderful if you used your talent and all your saved up crochet blanket patterns to help those who are in need.

There are also crochet blanket patterns swaps where you join a group of people and they all swap their patterns. This is usually done through the mail and it can be a lot of fun sending your favorite crochet blanket patterns out and getting twenty or so in the mail. You meet a lot of new people this way and you get a lot of great crochet blanket patterns too.

So, if you are looking for a great project to do and you really love to crochet, then find some crochet blanket patterns and make yourself or someone else a really beautiful handmade afghan. You, your family and friends will enjoy these blankets for years to come and you never know these blankets may just become a family heirloom and be handed down throughout the generations. I’m sure you have a blanket handed down throughout your own family so why not start one of your own? I’m sure you’ll find many ways to use your crochet blanket patterns.


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